Premium Line 42U Free Standing Cabinet

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◎ connected by four corner to ensure the stability
curved perforated front door and rear dual perforated door enable reliable operation with ventilation rate up to 78%
◎ double-section side panel can be easily assembled separately
◎ up to 1500 kgs static loading capacity with adjustable feet
◎ “U” mark mounting rail for clear and easy identification
◎ 4pcs of M12 adjustable feet and 4pcs of heavy duty castors included
◎ 40sets M6 cage nuts included
◎ optional Fan unit (6 fans and 2m single input power cord for 800mm depth and above)

◎ Compliant with ANSI/EIA RS-310-D, IEC297-2, DIN41491. Part1, Part7, DIN 4144 standards

◎ Frame: SPCC cold rolled steel ◎ Others: SPCC cold rolled steel
◎ Thickness: Frame and mounting vertical rail: 2.0mm
◎ Horizontal bracket: 2.0mm, Side door: 1.2mm
◎ Others: 1.5mm